A transdiciplinary collaborative project led by Matt Lewis and Christabel Harley at Central Saint Martins (Jan - June 2013), University of the Arts London. that introduced us to the practical ideas of nomad science and learning through sound. It focused on practical ideas of nomad science as presented by Deleuze & Guattari in A Thousand Plateaus and researching through sound.  As non-specialists we focused on heuristic approaches, participating in a series of workshops from DIY electronics to physical computing, as well as a series of lectures hosted by visiting artists. We developed our methods and sounds through open experimentation, research, and discussions. 

The experience of using the tools to hand in our workshops is central to our method. Such tools are notation and software, both are visual ways to deal with sound (see e.g. John Zorn, John Cage). Another tool in our kit is field recording which affords us ways of knowing social space that photographic evidence cannot. In addition to our journeyman use of tools, talking and listening to artists and philosophers (living and dead) has yielded certain findings: Nothing is really solid. The molecules in matter are constantly vibrating and sound is the vibration of molecules within any medium. Sound co-exists within all things vibratory. Sound is the subtle vibrations through which all life manifests. Sound in its intrinsic quality presupposes some kind of rhythm which is directly linked to repetitions, reprises or returns. But repetition or return doesn’t imply an absolute repetition. On the contrary, it is always the becoming of something new and unforeseen.

The final piece was developed for the multichannel ambisonic structure of the BE OPEN sound portal and resulted in Shut Up Buffalo (Muddy Hand Expanding into Blue Face). A piece that focused on the territory of crowds, protest, and migration; complex ecologies wrought in the structures of bio-technological systems. The work was on view at the Sound Portal located on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea.