Artists Against FGM


Artists Against FGM (AAFGM) is a network of socially conscious artists contributing to ending female genital mutilation (FGM). As artist we believe that we have a social responsibility to question, comment and take action. Our art practices range from painting, sculpture and photography to textile and new media. Our aim is to raise awareness of FGM and to give voice to girls and women at danger of FGM.

Artists Against FGM was founded by Aga Tamiola in May 2014. We are the first artist led body to actively engage with FGM through art in the UK. Our first exhibition Traditions Run Deeper Than Law took place in March 2015 to contribute to the 30th anniversary of charity FORWARD. Eleven international artists created pieces deepening the understanding of cultural and traditional background of a harmful FGM practice and the complexities that societies encounter while trying to eradicate it.

In the future AAFGM would like to engage young girls at danger of and directly affected by FGM in art workshops and creative activities.

Traditions Run Deeper Than Law
Red Gallery, London, 2015
Photos by: Emilia Maryniak