Emergency Kit for Neuroskeptics

A survival kit to help a modern person be more human in a time of neuroscience.

Emergency Kit for Neuroskeptics started as an authentic laboratory box filled with cross-sections of modern poetry encased in chemistry slides that is intended to alleviate anxiety and distress through interacting with random, individual pieces of fragmented poetry. Aga created the box in 2014. She collaborates with Sean Erickson on audio-visual neural stimulations in the form of screenings, readings, performances, collages and object making. The starting point for their applied neuro-exploration into human nature are fragmented poetry slides.

[2015] ALL2015 - Art Language Location
English Faculty Library, University of Cambridge, UK
17-31 October
Translation Tour in Collaboration with the LFTT Library
27 June: Language Confusion Clinic (group session) – The Room, Turin, Italy
26 June: Art & Nature Performance  – Great St. Bernard Pass, Swiss Alps
25 June: Spoken Word Performance – Rothenburg City Walls, Germany
24 June: Spoken Word Intervention  – Technische Sammlungen, Dresden, Germany
22 June: Intervention & Performance – Art Academy Dresden, Germany
19-21 June: Performance & Language Confusion Clinic (group session) – Schloss Wartin Summer Salon, Brandenburg, Germany
[2014] Emergency Kit for Neuroskeptics – Artist Residency at The Guest House Project, Cork


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