The LFTT LIbrary Loan

The LFTT (Legs Foundation for the Translation of Things) Library is an Art Foundation that rescued four hundred year old library from near abandonment and reinvigorated as an independent traveling art space. It was once the private library of a group of Franciscan Monks. Now as a mobile archive and movable venue it forms a unique context and body of material for initiating creative projects.

Conditions of Loan:
(...) in return the borrower must supply some form of documentation, including both text and image which provides insight into how the life of the book is being further enacted. The specific form of the documentation is limited only by the borrowers imagination, but it must evidence in some way the books arrival in a new place.

The LFTT LIbrary Loan is an invitation to make new work in response to items from the collection. Aga's first encounter with the LFTT Library took place in May 2014, during her residency in the Guest House, Cork, where the Library was currently residing. Aga's portable poetry archive, Emergency Kit for Neuroskeptics, quickly reconfigured its new surroundings in a series of sculptural and performative interventions with the LFTT Library. In June 2015 the Kit joined the LFTT Library Translation Tour. In a series of performances, interventions and physical mis/placements of both the EKIT’s poetry slides and the LFTT books we created immersive and participatory experiences applying language games, associations and non-linear story telling.

Guerilla Performances LFTT & E-Kit, Dresden, Germany
LFTT & E-Kit Performances at the Schloss Wartin Salon, Germany

The LFTT Library Loan, 2014

The LFTT Library Loan, 2014

Aga had two books on loan in 2014:
- Fishers of Men by Maxence van der Meersch
- MAN'S PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE A Study of the Results of Scientific Research in Relation to the Unity or Plurality of Worlds by Alfred R. Wallace
She responded to the Fishers of Men in a series Fishers of Words presented at a Scale Factor exhibition in Cork in September 2014.